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SEC Lyrical

Sound Espressivo invites Musicians of All Ages
to celebrate Live Music Performance
by participating in the

Application Deadline

May 16, 2024 at 3:59:00 AM

SEC Lyrical
Lyrical Music Competition 2023-24


What is Lyrical?

Are you a Lyrical Artist?

Check out the Artistic Category Description

Hint: One can be a Lyrical Artist at any age and stage of learning the art of music performance! Turn to great artists for inspiration, many spoke out about Lyricism in Music:

"And gentle winds and waters near,
Make music to the lonely ear."
— Lord Byron

Competition Rounds

Preliminary Round - by video submission. Selected musicians will be invited to the Final Round

Final Round - Live performance on a world-wide Internet TV Broadcast.

  • Judges from aroud the world provide on-air commentary immediately after each performance.

  • Finalists meet the Judges and can ask questions.

  • Musicians' supporters can write comments which will be shown onscreen

  • Family and friends can watch and be part of your LIVE performance from anywhere in the world.

Finalists receive Technical preparation session with VCHS Broadcast Directors and Engineers, in preparation for the broadcast. More about Broadcast technology for musicians here

All Instrumentalists, Ensembles, and Voice performers can apply

Age Groups
  • 10 and under

  • 11-14

  • 15-18

  • Adult (19 and older)

  • All periods and genres accepted

  • For Preliminary Round - submit a video of one virtuoso piece

  • Final Round - perform up to 10 min of Lyrical compositions

Important DATES
  • May 15, 2024 - Application Deadline

  • June 2024 - Final Round of the Competition

Laureates and Winners
Cash Awards

One in each Age Group:

  • Adult (19 and older) - $300

  • 15-18 - $200

  • 11-14 - $100

  • 10 and under - $50

Performance Awards
  • One Laureate will receive a fully sponsored performance opportunity at Carnegie Laureate Gala (see details and dates here)

  • More performance, scholarships, recordings, web-profile, interviews, educational and partner-sponsored Awards here

  • Career Development and Educational Awards here

Receive recognition on Sound Espressivo website and in Virtual Concert Halls Broadcast programs, certificates honoring Teachers' contribution.
  • Application Fee - $50

  • Final Round (if selected only) - $100

Complete Regulations here

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