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Laureate Gala
Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall
Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 7:00pm EST

Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Ensembles & Composers
From Around the World
Concertos and Arias with
New York Chamber Players Orchestra
Giacomo Franci, Artistic Director and Conductor
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J. S. Bach, Mozart,

Wieslaw Rentowski,

James Adler, Chopin, 

Rainer Stegmann,

Tchaikovsky, Albéniz, Rodrigo,

Henry Litolff, Gong Qian Yang, François Borne



Giacomo Franci,

Paolo Scibilia, Alan Freiles

Lillian Guo, soprano

Stacey Kim, violin

Dominika Zamara, soprano Ximurong Zhai, piano

Theodore Wang, violin

Aurelia Faidley-Solars, cello

Saiya Mittal, violin

Anna Maria Mendieta, harp

Roland Schlieder, guitar Laura Steven Song, violin

Ante Božić-Kudrić, piano Anastasiya Squires, flute


Neil Krishnan, piano


James Adler,

Rainer Stegmann,

Gong Qian

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Dates and Deadlines
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The Bow Lightlys


J. S. Bach,



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Gala Laureates


APRIL 2 in New York City

Steve Robinson is an American radio manager, producer and executive producer. He has held senior management positions with numerous American radio stations, including WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network/Chicago, WBUR/Boston, WGBH/Boston, WCRB/Boston, KPFA/Berkeley, WBGO/Newark, Vermont Public Radio and Nebraska Public Radio Network.ork. Robinson served as general manager of the statewide Nebraska Public Radio Network (1990-2000) and WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network from 2000 until October 2016.

A 50-year radio veteran, he has produced programs ranging from classical music documentaries to public affairs programs and has directed over 100 on-air pledge drives.

In 1984, he co-founded AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio, a service organization to assist independent radio producers in the United States. Robinson wrote AIR’s first two successful grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Steve Robinson, Host
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"It is very important to have the audience participate in this competition! It engages the listener and encourages our  wonderfully talented contestants.

I am delighted to co-found the James Adler Audience Favorite Award  for the Sound Espressivo Global Music Competition. Sit back, listen, enjoy -- and please vote!"

~James Adler, Pianist and Composer

Photo: Frank Gimpaya

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Artists from Around the World

Sample Compositions from All Periods of Classical Music

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Kaleidoscope of Genres, Instruments, Ensembles

Age is Not a Limitation of  Artistry! Performers are

Aged 7-80

Age Groups snd Categories
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iClassical Academy


iClassical Academy provides Recognition Awards

to Winners and Participants of Carnegie Gala Auditions

We believe that anyone, at any time, should have access to the wonderfully beautiful world of music

Our mission is to provide new generations of musicians, from any part of the world, the possibility to improve their skills and enjoy a wide audience

iClassical Academy is based in Switzerland

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iClassical Awards
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Judges provide immediate on-air feedback to participants during the Live Audition stage.

To learn more about the Judges, and to see their bios click here

Laureate Gala! OUR STORY

Laureates' Journey to Performance in New York City at

Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

the world renowned producer of classical music radio programs