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KDF Academy

Music in a safe and friendly environment

The well being of our students is as important to us as the quality of the music they learn. Practice, Patience and Performance are at the heart of our teaching.

Our KDF academy music students will learn the modern methods for reading and playing music and be made aware of their vast heritage as African musicians, blending the past and the future together

Kasibo Development Foundation Uganda

KDF Micro-Academies

One of the most exciting KDF projects planned for 2022 is creating KDF Micro-Academies in Kachomo. With permission from the Kachomo village leaders students from our academy will create KDF Micro-agriculture-academies and Micro-textile-academies to demonstrate their new skills and technologies.

This will be of great benefit to the students and the local communities. Modern textile and agricultural developments are essential in today's world. We will donate each micro-academy to the villagers as our students travel through Kachomo returning with new information as time passes.

Planning for the Future

The implementation of Further Educational Institutes in ‘Vocational Studies’, include ‘Music’, ‘Agriculture’, 'Textiles' and ‘Sport’ that will work alongside other national and international universities and colleges, are a long term goal for KDF to help it become a beacon of success for the region.

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