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Virtual Concert, Broadcast Worldwide

Virtual Concert Halls sponsors Performance Awards for the Laureates and Winners Auditions and Competitions organized by Sound Epsressivo and partner companies

Selected Laureates will be awarded a production of a personal Virtual Solo Recital.

Selected Winners will be awarded participation in Virtual Concerts.

This Award is Sponsored by

Virtual Concert Halls (VCHS)

Virtual Concert Halls is a pioneering leader in Internet TV industry founded by musicians, technology and events production experts and social media specialists.

We are committed to delivering the most enjoyable live-streaming experience to artists, musicians, ensembles.

We ensure the best audio and visual quality, events planning, scripting, preparation, amplification of reach, and customer care. Our leadership, our producers, streaming engineers, show directors; our script writers and hosts offer clients their vast experience in Internet TV production of over 500 events with thousands of participants. 

Our teams rely on insightful understanding of our clients’ needs thanks to their background in related fields as musicians, video/audio engineers, and content creators themselves.

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