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Ouspensky Family Fund 

Conducting Experience Scholarship

This Prize is a full scholarship to experience an immersive introduction to conducting, from first taste of a baton, to a spot on a podium conducting an orchestra. A Sound Espressivo Finalist who will be chosen to receive this Prize will have an opportunity to work with a prominent conductor over a period of several months, after which s/he will have an opportunity to conduct a professional symphony orchestra. This Prize is established by Ouspensky Family Fund with a purpose to help young musicians be introduced to conducting, and to discover new talents through the experience, the way Russian conductor Michail Ouspensky was discovered by Yuri Ahronovitch, one of the great Russian-Israeli conductors of the XX century 

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What is the Conducting Experience Scholarship?

  • 5 conducting lessons over a period of 5 months. Assignments to complete

  • A rehearsal time on the podium conducting a professional orchestra

  • The SEC2021 Scholarship is offered in collaboration with New York Chamber Players Orchestra and its music Director Giacomo Franci

  • Potentially an opportunity to conduct a short piece publicly in a concert during October-November of next season 2022-2023 in New York City diMenna Center

In 2021 the Conducting Experience is provided in collaboration with New York Chamber Players Orchestra and its Music Director
Giacomo Franci

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